Dog Fouling at Sports Field

There has been a number of incidents where dogs have been allowed by their owners to foul on the sports field.

This is despite several signs indicating that dogs are not allowed in the car park, playground or on the sports field itself.

The fields are used by children from the Parish and also those who play football as part of Heighington FC and by allowing their dogs to foul owners are causing a health risk to those children and anyone else using the facilities.

If you witness any dogs with their owners in any area of the park, particularly if the owner is allowing their dog to foul, Heighington Parish Council would ask that you note any evidence available to you (i.e. car registration number etc.) and pass it on so that appropriate action can be taken.

Heighington Parish Council WILL PROSECUTE any member of the public who puts the health and safety of the Parish and its visitors at risk.

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