Tees Valley Nature Partnership’s small grants

Tees Valley Nature Partnership (TVNP) has recently introduced a small grant scheme to support community groups working on projects relating to nature in the Tees Valley. After consultation with local community groups in the Tees Valley, it was found that smaller pots of funding for the everyday challenges were harder to find than the larger amounts of funding for big projects. As a result of this feedback TVNP has introduced a scheme to provide grants of up to £2,000.

The TVNP Community Grant is intended to support groups, in the Tees Valley, which increase participation in nature and/or the outdoors. The primary aim of this funding it to enable small local groups to fund work that other grant schemes might not cover, or to supplement funding from other small grants.

If you know of any groups who you think may be eligible to apply please see the application at the bottom of this post, or if you would like to discuss the grant before applying contact Louise Richards, Nature Partnership Officer at lrichards@teeswildlife.org or phone Tel: 01287 636382.

TVNP grant application form example

TVNP grant application form

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