Darlington Borough Council consultation on Heighington Conservation Area

From time to time Councils are required to review their Conservation Areas and their boundaries.  Heighington Conservation Area is currently being reviewed by Darlington Borough Council.

In order to do this they have produced a draft Character Appraisal for the Heighington Conservation Area. The purpose of the review is to look again at components of the Conservation Area that are considered especially important and contribute most to its character; and to recommend changes that help to preserve or enhance it.  Once adopted the finalised Appraisal will be used to guide planning decisions that affect the Conservation Area.

The first consultation on the draft Heighington Conservation Area Character Appraisal was held during 2018. Various responses were made by residents and interested parties. After careful consideration changes have been made to the proposed boundary extension. In view of this a second consultation will run until 25th January 2019. To view details of the consultation please visit:


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